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The Beginner Maid

I have trained many submissive men to be sissy maids. Unfortunately, I have also had many, many more inquiries from submissive men wanting to be trained as a sissy maid but who didn't have the courage to follow through with training. It's a great fantasy that many men have but few are able to turn it into reality. It's a lot of work and it takes time. One cannot just buy a maid's uniform and become a sissy maid anymore than one can buy a set of golf clubs and be a golfer or buy a violin and be a violinist. It takes training and practice and more training and more practice. Most of all, it takes the right attitude and a sincere commitment.

It is my belief that many of the men that express a desire to be transformed into a sissy maid but then fail to follow through to training are confronted with two major roadblocks. The first is simply that the logistics of their life prohibits it. They may have a significant other or wife that would not approve of them as a sissy maid. They may have a job or family responsibilities that would not allow them to dedicate the time needed to be properly trained as a sissy maid.

Unfortunately, these men have a portion of their true selves kept hostage by another part of their life. It's sad that they have to deny themselves this avenue of self-expression. When I am out around the public I see many men with their families and friends that have an unhappy look on their face. I wonder if a few of these poor souls appear so lost because they are held back from realizing their desire to be submissive to a dominant woman.

The other roadblock I think some men have is that when they are confronted with seeking out the submissive, feminine side of themselves, they get scared. They have a desire to do something that society tells them they should not do. They would not be breaking any laws by becoming a sissy maid but they would be breaking with a lifetime of social and cultural conditioning. They have been taught that men must always be in control and must never reveal any emotion or behavior that may conflict with an expression of a masculine appearing male. If you are a man and you show any signs of 'girly' behavior then there must be something wrong with you.

Quite often, I will have a submissive male tell me that they would like to cross-dress followed by a very explicit statement that they are not gay. Well, there is nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual in my book but there is also no inherent connection with a desire to cross-dress and homosexuality. Some men who cross-dress are gay but I believe most cross dressers are not. In fact, in my thirteen years of being in this lifestyle and meeting many, many cross-dressers, I have never met a gay one!

What these men are confronted with is insecurity with their own sense of masculinity. It could be from years of thinking of themselves as being defective because of a desire to cross-dress or it could be based on many other factors. Either way, it inhibits these men from exploring a wealthy part of their being. All humans, male or female, have a part of their personality and emotions that reflects their counter-part gender. This is the yen-yang in eastern philosophy or, the anima and animus in Jungian terms. There is nothing defective with a man exploring all of the parts of their psyche. It's actually very healthy. It is my belief that only men with a strong sense of their masculine self can venture into a quest for their feminine self without shame. It's just too threatening for those men who are insecure with their masculinity to do this.

I applaud those men that decide to become sissy maids and seek to be properly trained. The training is hard and demanding work but it is also a lot of fun. I have never yet heard a sissy maid comment that he regretted being trained.

If you are interested in this type of training, here is a list of things you will have to learn.

- How to adjust the masculine personality and behavior to
     the humble sissy maid personality and behavior.
- Proper sissy maid etiquette.
- How to dress.
- How to apply makeup.
- How to keep your body clean of masculine hair. (for those that can live hairless)
- How to care for and properly wear a wig.
- How to walk, sit, hold your arms and bend down gracefully.
- How to walk in high-heeled shoes.
- How to apply feminine mannerisms.
- How to speak in a feminine voice.
- How to shop for groceries and what foods and brands Mistress prefers.
- How to serve food and a formal dinner.
- How to cook tasty meals.
- How to receive guests in the home and take care of their needs.
- How to wash (both machine wash and hand wash) and iron clothes.
- How to clean house.
- How to give a manicure and pedicure.
- How to receive corporal punishment.
- How to receive humiliation.

As you can see, there is a lot for the beginning sissy maid to learn. I have a special way of training sissy maids so that they can become a good servant and never, ever embarrass their Mistress. If you decide to follow the path to become a sissy maid you will find the training difficult but it will also be very rewarding. Serving a dominant woman isn't easy. We demand that our needs be put before yours. Even though we know you will never be able to produce perfection it will be demanded from you in your presentation as a feminine creature and in the execution of your duties. When you fail, expect strict punishment. Frequent encounters with the cane or paddle keep a sissy maid's mind from straying off track. You will be able to be a good servant only if you always focus on making sure you place your Mistress's wants and needs before your own. Remember that what you desire more than anything, is to make your Mistress happy!

When you decide to begin training to be a sissy maid you also need to understand that there will be some things you will have to purchase. They include, but are not limited to, the following.

- Seven different pairs of panties.
- At least one pair of panties with ruffles.
- Two bras.
- A French maid uniform made of satin or taffeta with petticoat and apron.
- A working maid uniform. This would be a cotton uniform or a leotard with a pinafore.
- Thigh-hi stockings or a garter belt and regular stockings.
- Dress high-heeled pumps.
- Flat or low heeled shoes or ballet slippers to wear for house cleaning.
- A wig and makeup
    nail polish and remover
- A thin white collar.
- Clip on or pierced earrings.

- You may also have to order matching white wrist and ankle cuffs and a male chastity device.

- Mistress will help you pickout all of the above. - Mistress will also determine the training curriculum. Expect both hard work and fun.

Couples that desire to be trained as a Mistress and sissy maid are welcome to contact me.

~ Lady English

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