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Forced Feminization

Alright, can you really force someone to be feminine? Not if you're playing by the BDSM rule of consentuality. We can build a scene around the reluctant cross-dresser that needs to be taught a lesson, be humiliated, have his horizons expanded etc.

A Dominant female gains a great advantage by just having a man wear panties in front of her. In general, men have this great ring of insecurity circling their masculinity and they slip right into a submissive role when they are witnessed doing something which challenges their self image.

Dressing that big hairy mass of a body in panties, bra, garters, and stockings throws the male ego a curve ball. It's hard to be a strutting rooster that walks around the barnyard crowing, when you're trying to

balance on top of those unfamiliar high heels. It looks so very clumsy and awkward and isn't very impressive to the hens! When you get dressed up in my dungeon, it's not so that you can woo me with your grace and style. It is to show you just how much power I have over you to induce you into doing something that you wouldn't do in any other circumstance.

Sissy Boy

Some men just don't want to grow up. Other men don't want to grow up and they want to be girls! This is the sissy boy. He does not want to be an adult male. He wants to be a prissy spoiled little pantywaist that needs a strong female role model for guidance. I can do that!

About a year after I got involved in BDSM I had a man contact me, which what I thought at the time, was a strange request. He told me he wanted to be dressed up as a little girl that would be about five years old. He had all his own clothes, wig and shoes. All he needed was someone to play along. I was talking to him on the phone and asked him to hold the phone because I had another call coming in. There was no other phone call. I pressed the hold button and just said out loud "What in the _ _ _ _ is this. I'm a dominatrix, what does this have to do with BDSM or Female Domination!"

I pressed the hold button again and said "Sure, I've never done this before but I am sure it will be fun."

When I met him I found out that he was a top (very top) executive of a Fortune 500 company. He started acting as a sissy shortly after he started to rise to the top of his field. It was his own special way to relax and let his other world alone for a while. He liked to golf, socialize etc, but nothing compared to the time he spent being the little girl. It had become his sanctuary. And gradually, over time, I became an important part of it for him.

I led him into a room and he told me he would call when he was ready. Thirty minutes went by and nothing. After about another ten minutes I heard a call in a very high voice "Miss English will you come here, I'm scared?" I opened the door and sitting on the floor was this six foot two inch man dressed in a frilly pink dress, ankle socks, black patent Mary Jane shoes and a blond wig with braided pigtails. This guy transformed himself from the commanding business executive to a pouty, scared little girl.

We played for a couple of hours. I was the governess taking care of her and she was active, sometimes naughty little girl. During the entire time this guy never broke role to come in with his real voice or ever acted like his street self. As we interacted with eachother, "Suzy" became real to me. I really was nurturing a child, perhaps this guy's inner child. I was intrigued and it felt rewarding to do. After we were done, I left the room and he transformed back into his adult self.

This was my introduction to the world of the sissy boy. These are men who wish to take a vacation from their adult life and be transformed into a frilly little girl

that is completely reliant on a stern, yet nurturing woman. They may like to be a girl around five or a teen. The dominant can play many roles: mommy, a governess, an aunt, teacher or even a big sister.

This sort of gender play takes a bit of energy to set up. There are props that are needed and costumes to wear. It's also not something that is done in a dungeon so a different room must be used that looks like a normal home. Most of all it about attitude. The submissive sissy will always be able to get into role. It's his dominant that sometimes cannot do the transformation into the caretaker role. It takes focus and a strong intuitive sense. Many female dominants cannot do this type of play very well. Often times, a sissy boy has to "try out" many Mistresses before he finds one that "fits" with what he needs/desires from his dominant caretaker. Personally, I find that I have a real knack for this type of play, perhaps because I am a real Mother in real life, have been a Nurse, and female executive, so I am used to these feminine, yet powerful roles.

I have found the sissy role-play both a lot of fun and rewarding. I am always amazed at how the submissive is able to transform himself into a sissy. It's pure entertainment for me. Being the dominant to a sissy is a challenge that lets me use my most creative energies. When I have successfully completed my own role, I feel a real sense of accomplishment.


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