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Contacting Lady English

I am always interested in talking to people who are sincere, mature, and feel positively about this lifestyle I love. Generally, that constitutes most of the people who contact me. Unfortunately, I get E-mail from the occasional idiot who hasn't read a word of the essays I have written. Or maybe they have and they just don't understand them. Either way, it's sad. They just don't get it. These pathetic creatures E-mail me and I have to waste my precious time with them. I immediately delete their E-mail when I receive it and block future contact. I don't have the time to waste on negativity.

If you are serious about this, whether a total novice with no experience but a lot of curiosity, or you are very experienced and also are respectful of me, my skills, and my time, then you have my permission to contact me via the E-mail address below.

Follow the directions!!!

Here Are The...
Directions For Contacting Lady English

First you will have to type the E-mail address into the appropriate place with your E-mail software. The address below is not a link! Don't click on it, nothing will happen.

I want the following information unless you are requesting a link.

Your name

Your sex

Your age

Where you live

I want to know if you are a dominant, submissive, switch or couple. If you are a couple, let me know what kind. FemDom/malesub, MaleDom/femsub, sub/sub, gay, lesbian etc.

I want to know what your interests are and what experience you have. You don't have to be experienced to contact me. If you don't have experience be honest. It doesn't matter and I will figure it out soon enough.

Tell me why you want to contact me. You may be specific.

Do's and don'ts

Do give me some information about yourself.
Don't send me your autobiography.

Do tell me what your interests are.
Don't send me a short story about your fantasies.

Don't Brag! You can tell me about yourself, but be modest. I don't like or respect grandiosity. Believe me, I already know people that are wealthier, more important, more powerful, better looking, better endowed (like it makers), more talented and on, and on...I respect humility!

Do be very respectful. Keep in mind that I don't have to answer you and that I have the option to delete you!

Do read the text on this website.
Don't just look at the photos! Read everything I wrote so you will know how to impress me!

Last.... all of the above will be on the test and you WILL be graded on it!
I am not joking!!!!

For your sake I hope you have read all of the above.
It will make a difference.

Below is my E-mail address

Good Luck!

~ Lady English

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