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The Experienced Maid

It is my expectation that a trained sissy maid be able to do the following:

- Clean house.
- Wash clothes
- Prepare food
- Serve dinner
- Apply their own makeup
- Know proper sissy maid etiquette.
- Know how to walk, sit, stand and bend down gracefully.

As a trained sissy maid you must have the following:

- A French or English maid uniform made of satin or taffeta with petticoat and apron.
- At least one pair of panties with ruffles.
- At least one bra.

- Thigh-hi stockings or a garter belt and regular stocking.
- Dress pumps.
- A wig
- Makeup.
- Earrings.

I also prefer trained sissy maids to have a chastity device that can be locked securely. This is not a necessity at first.

I expect a trained sissy to do work in the home and be able to take corporal punishment and both verbal and physical (wearing panties on the head or being a doormat) humiliation.

Although you may have some training or even extensive training I believe that being a sissy maid is an ever-ongoing practice striving to achieve a higher and higher standard of service. In other words, you will never be done with your training. With this in mind one needs to approach a position

as a sissy maid with humility and a propensity to learn. If you believe that you have accomplished a level of understanding about your role as a sissy maid, have the necessary skills and accessories, and can approach service with true humility and openness, you may contact me to inquire about further training.

~ Lady English


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