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What Is A Sissy Maid?
           - Why would a guy want to be a sissy maid?

I think sissy maids are a distinctly wonderful flavor of the submissive male. I have to confess though, I have always enjoyed seeing a man dressed in women's clothing. It is erotic to me, and the entertainment value is immeasurable. Because it's socially unacceptable for men to be feminine, the male sub will find it awkward and embarrassing. It's such an affront to their male ego that the sissy maid, with all his domestic service along with the humiliation and physical punishment he must endure, is a splendid avowal to female supremacy. Most I have met who go through a complete training program, are the real deal submissive male.

For those that are not familiar with what a sissy maid is, they are simply submissive men who dress in feminine attire (normally a frilly maid uniform) and do domestic service for a Mistress. Sometimes their attire is as simple as wearing panties, bra and an apron, but most of the time they are dressed ultra feminine with petticoat and ruffle

Now that is a bit of an over simplification.

It's not just about the clothes they wear. A sissy maid will endure a great deal of training to be feminized and learn their job. In addition to training they also work very hard to please their Mistress. They also endure regular doses of both humiliation and corporal punishment.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the man who is a sissy maid. First, he is not gay. Although I have known some sissy maids who are bi-sexual the majority are heterosexual. Sissy maids are transvestites. That is because the definition of a transvestite is a man who wears women's clothing. They are not men who want to be women either. What I mean is men who feel they have been mistakenly placed in the wrong body. I have only known one sissy maid that ever considered gender reassignment surgery. After taken a regiment of hormones he decided that he really didn't want to be a woman and was happy just being a sissy.

The men enjoy being sissy maids are guys that enjoy being men but also enjoy that which is feminine. He worships women because he is bewitched by them. A sissy maid is not a man that wants to be a woman. He is not necessarily one that loves to do house work, although he may grow to like the later as he becomes conditioned to it. It's much easier to do a good job cleaning then to get a good caning or paddling. His submitting to domestic work isn't a reflection of an attitude that a woman should be relegated to keeping a house either. Rather he cleans house because it is a service to his Mistress and a means to unseat the masculine image of always being the head of a household. To be a woman isn't to be a servant!

Sissy maids are men that recognize the beauty and authority of a Dominant woman. They respectfully adore all women for their femininity.

They hold the belief that women blend beauty, strength, intelligence, wisdom, nurturing and eroticism together far better then men so they should always be held in very high esteem. Men are inherently weaker then women, except for upper body strength, a necessary requirement for domestic engineering.

Sissy maids know that however a man may try he will never be equal to that power and eloquence the superior woman holds. He dresses as he does, not as an attempt to be a woman, or even pose as one, but rather to honor her by denying his masculinity through humility. The sissy maid tries in vain to look and act in a feminine manner. His frilly dress and ultra feminine persona isn't meant to fool anyone. He looks ridiculous. He knows it. He suffers his humility to praise that which he loves. Women!

The sissy maid is almost a gender alone to himself. Biologically he is a male. He is not emotionally a woman nor does he want to be. He is sexually excited by women and never wants to lose his erotic focus. Yet he wants to dress and assume a feminine persona. A paradox. Such a man is ultra dedicated to his opposite but would never wish to be it. He knows that which may complete him must not be part of him. That which is the counter part to his masculinity can be expressed but not implored to unite. Even though this may allow him to achieve some wholeness and understand the perfection of the polarity of the sexes.

The sissy maid is a true romantic. He is the one who will suffer all in the wish to be joined together with that which he loves but yet still be able to have awareness of his separateness. The classical Platonic ideal of love, ever kept apart to conceive vividly the difference, yet suffer as to be devoured by Ulysses' Sirens.

Oh I'm such a romantic sap.

Just like my sissy maids. Don't think for even a second that I will give any pardon for a bungling servant a romantic or not. Screw up and you have earned a red bottom!

Female Domination is no different with a male painslut or a sissy maid. I'm still the person in charge. It's still service, pain and humiliation.

There is a twist though. Sissy maids are subjected to what I call white leather and all the others suffer black leather. Both are just as hard, demanding and erotic. There is just a difference in flavor!

~ Lady English

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