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Not very long ago, there weren't any good sources of information on the BDSM lifestyle. Those that had an interest, found it hard to really get sound advice or any written text that accurately and objectively explored all the avenues for us. Fortunately, we live in different times now. There is a wealth of information from many different media sources.

Unfortunately, with all the new interest in BDSM, so many people have published books, web-sites, and sponsored lectures that it's hard to decide where to spend your money to get the biggest bang for your buck.

I have found the books listed below to be worth spending the time to read. In a sense, some of them have already become what we might call bdsm classics.

If you're new to the lifestyle, or just want to know what it is all about for whatever reason, I am assigning you a lesson. Pick up some of these and study!

Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual
Christina Abernathy
ISBN: 0963976397
Publisher: Greenery Press

Down-to-earth information about how consensual owner-slave relationships really work. Detailed suggestions on service, sex, ownership symbols, rewards, punishments, contracts and more.

The Sexually Dominant Woman: A Workbook for Nervous Beginners
Lady Green
ISBN: 1890159115
Publisher: Greenery Press

In the six years since her initial publication of a Xeroxed pamphlet called "The Sexually Dominant Woman", Lady Green has taught tens of thousands of women, men and couples the fundamentals of safe, fun, erotic female-dominant play.

Now Lady Green returns with the publication of the revised and updated third edition of her classic The Sexually Dominant Woman. This friendly, non-threatening book is the perfect starting point for the woman who has fantasized about erotic power play, explaining the fundamentals of bondage, sensation and control games. It includes a script to inspire and support the novice through her first scene, a new section on partner-finding skills and updated information on the possible emotional effects of female-dominant play.

Female Domination
Elise Sutton
ISBN: 1411603257

Elise Sutton examines the prevalent male desire to be dominated by a woman. She explores from a psychological perspective why men have submissive desires toward the female gender, where these desires originate from, and how this common male fantasy reflects what is transpiring within society, as women are becoming more liberated and independent. Elise reveals that Female Domination is a large tent with many forms, expressions and lifestyles contained therein.

Elise takes the reader into the personal and intimate lives of forty couples, who are not unlike your family members, the people you work with or the people you socialize with, yet who practice different variations of the Female Domination lifestyle. Some couples like Female Domination to be soft and sensual, some like it hard and rough, some like it wild and trend setting, some like it romantic, some like it untraditional, some like it primarily in the bedroom, and some like it both inside and outside the bedroom.

Through the experiences of others, Elise depicts how the Female Domination lifestyle can build a bond of intimacy, defuse arguments, relieve stress, transport sex to a higher level than just the physical, empower women in society, and inject excitement into the mundane tasks of life such as household chores. Elise portrays how Female Domination can satisfy the inner male child, build up a woman's self-esteem, add spice to the bedroom, re-ignite romance, and cause a power exchange within the female/male relationship. Elise Sutton examines how society is evolving toward Female rule, one relationship at a time.

"Female Domination" discusses some intense and controversial sexual practices. "Female Domination" will no doubt arouse, titillate, shock and challenge. However, it is Elise's hope that above all, it will enlighten and educate.

Venus in Furs: The Classic of Female Domination of the Male
Leopold Sacher-Masoch
Publisher: Sizzler

THE ONCE BANNED CLASSIC OF FEMALE DOMINATION OF THE MALE "Thou supersensual sensual woer/ A woman leads you by the nose." These lines from "Faust," begin this classic, perhaps partly autobiographical, novel about one man's submission to a powerful female personality. Hailed as a literary masterpiece, an important book in the development of a legitimate literature of the erotic, and a work of profound psychological insight, Venus in Furs, or at least its author, gave us the term "masochism." But does the protagonist truly suffer from his emotional and sexual enslavement - or is it, for him, instead, the sublimest of pleasures? Here is a scorching look at how far some men are willing to go for some women!

The Woman of the House (Digital Book)
G. F. Green
ISBN: B0000A2U7T
Publisher: Pink Flamingo Publications

A once traditional marriage evolves into a remarkable Dominant/submissive relationship, as Pricilla becomes Goddess to her submissive husband, and trains him to serve her every need-from free man, to slave for life, contract-bound to please. A delightful primer on the virtues and rewards of a Female-in-power relationships.

The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance
ISBN: 1890159190
Publisher: Greenery Press

In 1994, The Mistress Manual was born as a simple pink guidebook self-published by a long-term and experienced dominant woman. Now, Greenery Press has brought this underground classic back to life in an updated second edition!

The Art of Sensual Female Dominance: A Guide for Women
Claudia Varrin, Cynthia Lechan
ISBN: 1559724471
Publisher: Carol Publishing

The Art of Sensual Female Dominance suggests ways in which a woman can open up a dialogue with her romantic partner about introducing D&S into their repertoire, gives advice on how to set up the first D&S "scene," and explores the emotions each partner experiences before, during, and after "playtime." Essential to a satisfying D&S session is a well thought out scenario, best accomplished through the three Ps: Prior Proper Planning. Everything you need to know about acting out fantasies, how to speak like a mistress, what to wear, what props to use, how to draw out your partner, how to establish limits, and more, is here. Whether it's bondage, discipline, foot worship, "party games," of the anatomy lesson (important so that no one really gets hurt), all topics are explored, and nothing is too embarrassing or too sensitive to discuss.

Sex Tips from a Dominatrix
Patricia Payne, Maurice Vellekoop
ISBN: 0060392878
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Could your sex life use some new thrills? If so, here's your ticket to all those secret desires you've only confessed to your best friend in her dorm room at Deerfield: crops and corsets, nosebleed stilettos, leather, latex, and lambcuffs.

Whether you would like to make dominance and submission (D/s) a permanent part of your relationship, are brushing up for a weekend submersion session of Lina Wertmuller films, or are simply looking for a one-spank stand, Patricia Payne exacting dominatrix and luxurious bon vivant will guide you through this brave new underworld. Here, she shares step-by-step instructions on how to set the mood, decorate your room, pick a proper outfit, buy the best bonds, tie the exact knot, and wield the perfect quirt. She also gives tips on avoiding disaster and embarrassment, such as preventing nasty wax stains on the Kashan, so you can keep the bon in bondage.

Patricia Payne is a practicing dominatrix who has held several top positions in boardrooms and bedrooms. The product of a strict boarding school, she first aspired to be a governess until she found greater opportunity being The Governess.

Confessions of a Left Bank Dominatrix
Gala Fur, Noel Burch
ISBN: 156201403X
Publisher: Avalon Publishing Group

Gala Fur introduces the world of French S/M with two collections of stories in one delectable volume. In Les Soirees de Gala, stories cover such matters as how to recruit a male maidservant and how to use a cell phone to humiliate a submissive in a crowded railway station. In Sessions, Gala details the marathon of "lesbians, bisexuals, submissives, masochists, paying customers, [and] passing playmates" that seek her out for her unique sexual services.

Mistress Ruby Ties It Together: A Dominatrix Take on Sex, Power, and the Secret Lives of Upstanding Citizens
Robin Shamburg
ISBN: B000059SAX
Publisher: Random House

Equal parts memoir, how-to and social satire, Mistress Ruby Ties it Together is a guided tour through New York's S underworld, where the author worked as a professional dominatrix to subsidize her writing career. As Mistress Ruby, this former Catholic school girl took confessions from some of the country's most powerful men. Within the sanctity of the dungeon, they revealed to her their darkest lusts, fears and frailties -- as well as their sincere desire to connect with the opposite sex. Each of these provocative essays provides an insider's view of human deviation; together, they present a startling portrait of our everyday selves.

The Strap-on Book
A.H. Dion, Donna Barr (Illustrator)
ISBN: 1890159107
Publisher: Greenery Press

Whether you’re male, female or transgendered, gay, bi or straight, conservative or wild or somewhere in between strap-on play offers a multitude of options for sexy, safe fun. A.H. Dion, the alter-ego of a well-known San Francisco author/educator, explains how to choose, wear, use and accessorize your strap-on. Award-winning cartoonist/illustrator Donna Barr provides lighthearted drawings of strap-on users of all kinds.

WELTS: Female Domination In An American Marriage
Gloria, Dave Wallace
Currently Out Of print
Often Sold As Used - Look For It!

WELTS is an introduction and step-by-step guide to erotic female domination. It is a real life episode of a long-married couple, the authors, that shatters and transforms orthodox attitudes about gender differences and relationships. Includes Contract, Rules for Consorts, and "How to Tell a Woman."

You Beat People Up for a Living, Don't You, Mummy? Inside the World of the Dominatrix
Roy Turner (Editor)
ISBN: 0954077709
Publisher: Absolute Elsewhere

The book is certainly groundbreaking in some respect. It is rare to find a collection of candid 'interviews' with dominatrixes beyond the vulgar tabloid sensationalism that the BDSM scene has to continually endure.

Training With Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners
Christina Abernathy
ISBN: 1890159077
Publisher: Greenery Press

Fifty transformative lessons for the erotic slave... the fundamentals of everything from providing sexual pleasure to sorting laundry to planning a worldwide tour with Master or Mistress. An invaluable reference guide for slave and Owner alike!

How to Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less Using the Secrets of Professional Dog Trainers
Karen Salmansohn, Alison Seiffer
ISBN: 1563056267
Publisher: Workman Publishing

In one of the funniest and most astutely observed works on the sexes since James Thurber, how to make your man behave in 21 days or less turns the often expressed axiom "Men are dogs" into a howling little handbook on men for contemporary women.178,000 copies in print.

Rearing A Husband - The Modern Woman's Old Fashioned Guide to Marital Bliss
Keri Pentaul
Publisher: Retro Systems

Whether your man behaves like a naughty boy, sissy or big baby, you can train him to become a devoted hubby and well-disciplined lover. For life.

Family Jewels - A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment
Hardy Haberman
ISBN: 1-890159-34-4
Publisher: Greenery Press

Simultaneously powerful and vulnerable, the male genitals offer boundless possibilities for painful pleasures. From anatomy to psychology to descriptions of actual play scenarios, here's a wealth of information and ideas for any man or woman who wants to offer more pleasure and intensity to the family jewels!

The Compleat Spanker
Lady Green
ISBN: 1-890159-00-X
Publisher: Greenery Press

Lady Green, a lifelong spanking aficionado, covers the bases of consensual adult erotic spanking: negotiation, roles, anatomy, implements, positions and more. Witty and practical, The Compleat Spanker is an ideal gift for anyone contemplating an over-the-knee adventure.

Joseph W. Bean
ISBN: 1-890159-27-1
Publisher: Greenery Press

Possibly the most popular activity in the erotic power exchange lexicon, flogging offers sensations ranging from gentle massage through tearing agony. Thirty-year veteran leatherman/educator Joseph Bean explains how to choose a flogger, negotiate a scene, read your partner's mental and physical state, select patterns and strokes to create a palette of sensation, and much more.

SM 101 - A Realistic Introduction
Jay Wiseman
ISBN: 0-9639763-8-9
Publisher: Greenery Press

Since the early '90s, this underground classic has taught the fundamentals of safe, exciting BDSM to tens of thousands of people of all genders and orientations. Now, for the first time, this comprehensive and widely recommended resource is availble in a quality collector's edition. This expanded Second Edition includes many revisions and updates, including a brand-new chapter on starting and running SM organizations and events.

When Someone You Love Is Kinky
Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt
ISBN: 1-890159-01-8
Publisher: Greenery Press

Many, many people have sexual interests or practices that are in some way unusual. These people may enjoy bondage or spanking, erotic role-playing, dressing in special clothes that turn them on, or a host of other activities that place them outside the sexual mainstream. Your mechanic might have an alternative sexuality, or your librarian, or your kids' teacher, or your boss.... If someone you love has a sexual kink, or if you suspect that she may, and you want to know more about what that means to her and how you can deal with what it means to you, this book is for you.

The Toybag Guide to Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies (Toybag Guide)
Jay Wiseman
ISBN: 1890159549
Publisher: Greenery Press

An essential quick reference guide to minor and major emergencies that can take place during play ű from scrapes to freakouts to fires -- plus how to set up a cost-effective first aid kit and other emergency supplies for the sexually adventurous.

SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude--Principles, Skills and Tools
Guy Baldwin
ISBN: 1881943143
Publisher: Daedalus Publishing Company

Guy Baldwin, author of Ties That Bind, joins forces with a grateful slave to produce this gripping and personal account on the subject of consenual slavery. Philosophical and intense, Slavercraft dares to delve beneath the surface of D/s relationships and gives us an intimate and revealing view from a rare perspective- that of a slave. The authors examine the psychology and spirituality behind the Master/ slave dynamic, and the result is a book that is resourceful, thought provoking and sexually charged. Beautifully written and intriguing, Slavecraft is sure to leave an impact.

The Compleat Slave: Creating and Living an Erotic Dominant/Submissive Lifestyle
Jack Rinella
ISBN: 1881943135
Publisher: Daedalus Publishing Company

In this highly anticipated followup to The Master's Manual, author Jack Rinella continues his in-depth exploration and discussion of Dominant/submissive relationships with his latest book, The Compleat Slave. This informative overview of the leather scene features Rinella's guidelines, tips, and personal experiences in creating safe and sane Master/slave relationships. Whether you are a novice or an experienced Master or slave, this insightful and forthright volume will prove to be a great read and a valuable reference guide.

Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission
Gloria G. Brame, Jon Jacobs
ISBN: 0679769560
Publisher: Villard Books

A very good overview of the BDSM lifestyle. A MUST READ!

Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism
Philip Miller, Molly Devon
ISBN: 0964596008
Publisher: Mystic Rose Books

Screw the Roses enthusiastically covers all the basics and even some of the not-so-basics--bondage, negotiation, sex, endorphins, dominance and submission, toys, safety, S/M community, and beyond. It's written primarily from the point of view of male dominant/female submissive interactions, but it's easily translatable into valuable advice for any relationship configuration. Miller and Devon's explanations of not just the how, but also the why, of sadomasochism are honest, sexy, funny--and a must-have for anyone who wants to learn about sadism, masochism, dominance, submission, or bondage.

Ties That Bind: The SM/Leather/Fetish Erotic Style: Issues, Commentaries and Advice
Guy Baldwin, Joseph Bean, Joseph W. Bean
ISBN: 1881943097
Publisher: Daedalus Publishing Company

The writings of one of the most respected and knowledgable people on the subject of SM/leather/fetish erotic style has been compiled in this book. Issues regarding relationships, the community, the SM experience, and personal transformation, as they relate to this form of erotic play, are addressed. Unlike many in the mental health field, Mr. Baldwin takes the approach that this style of erotic play can definitely be part of a healthy expression of one's sexuality. Many have benefitted from his sound advice in seminars, worjkshops and through his many published articles. Now, much of this man's wisdom has been published for you in this book.

On the Safe Edge: A Manual for SM Play
Trevor Jacques, Michael Hamilton, Dr. Dale
ISBN: 1895857058
Publisher: Alternate Sources

On The Safe Edge: A Manual For SM Play examines the fantasies involved in sadomasochistic play: Bondage, branding, ritual, whips, roles, chains, leather, marshmallows, etc., challenging the reader to re-examine preconceptions about sadomasochism. The authors, all experts in SM play, dispel the stereotypes and myths about sadomasochism with this introduction to a hitherto hidden world of human expression. Safe Edge is a pan-sexual book structured to answer the questions a novice might have as he or she begins to explore safer SM play, and those of experienced players as they try new ways to play. It provides an understanding of how SM play can be a positive, safe, and healthy expression of sexual fantasies.

The authors provide an introduction and reference to: coming out into safer SM; consent and trust; SM spirituality: the mind and body, and how they relate to SM; endorphins; adult toys; and, above all, safety. Each section presents a particular aspect of SM, so that one can read the book right through, as though taking a course, or one can read each section as a reference. An extensive index, glossary, and bibliography make the book extremely easy to pick up again to remind oneself of the safety aspects of an evening's play.

On The Safe Edge, written by Toronto author Trevor Jacques, with Dr. Dale, Michael Hamilton, and Sniffer, is an unprecedented manual and reference text to the safe, exotic, and erotic practices of a literate, well-organized, and international subculture. It became a Canadian best seller in its first few months of publication. On The Safe Edge is currently in its fifth printing!

On The Safe Edge is a result of volunteer work by the AIDS Committee of Toronto Safer SM Education Project. It is used as the course reference book for SM seminars as far afield as Toronto, London, and San Francisco, and it has been used as a reference for SM safety pamphlets world-wide. Safe Edge was also used by the U.K. National Council for Civil Liberties (Liberty) for their case before the European Court of Human Rights in the Spanner case.

Bound to Be Free
Charles Moser, Jj Madeson
ISBN: 0826410472
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group

Of the vast array of human sexual behaviors and practices, sadomasochism (SM) is probably the least understood and, thus, the most feared among the general public. Moser and Madeson here provide perhaps the first intelligent, fully informed, fact-based discussion of what SM is, what it means to its practitioners, how it is practiced, and the structure of its subculture in contemporary American society. Moser, a practicing psychotherapist and counselor, provides the clinical approach taken in the first few chapters. Madeson, a 15-year participant in the SM subculture, provides the practical viewpoint taken in the remaining three quarters of the book. Together, they provide a perspective that is uniquely accurate, sensitive, and fair in its depiction and interpretation of erotic sadomasochism.



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