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Make-believe Games - Adult Style

When we were kids we all used to play games where we assumed make believe roles. It was a chance to be someone else that was exciting and fun. We put a lot of effort into our play. Making our character as real as we could and immersing ourselves in it was a creative use of our imagination and promoted the development of our intellect. I think those that could play as a child with complete abandonment, later in life became the business people and artists that are able to spur the dynamic advancements in our culture. Playing in life with different roles is a learned process that takes years of practice.

For most of us, we never felt anyone ridiculed us as children for our role-play. It was innocent and just what children do. Somewhere along the line we lost our innocence and naivety in exchange for all of the sophistication the healthy adult is supposed to command. It seems we are not allowed to play make believe anymore! It just isn't what adults do, unless you're an actor and you get paid for it.

I'm a big girl now and bare all the trappings of a successful life, but I'm sorry, I'm not ready to give away some of the simple things that meant so much to me when I was young. I liked Barbie dolls as a kid and now collect vintage Barbies and I still play 'Make-believe'. Every Time we go into the dungeon and do a BDSM scene, we are playing aren't we? The roles are there, I am a Dominant woman and the

men in the dungeon are my submissive slaves. It may be a lifestyle, but it is still based on fantasy.

Well, role-play in a BDSM context is just simply a different flavor of make-believe. A couple of adults work out a scene which prescribes more specific roles than just a Mistress and her slave. Why do we do it? Simply because it's fun!

Role-play should be just! You think up a scenario that involves a Dominant role and a submissive role. From there one decides what each role should entail as a character and then some loose framework as to how those characters may interact. From there you let the creative juices flow and express yourselves.

I have found from experience that having rigid scripts to follow doesn't work. Most people simply aren't good enough actors to pull it off. Besides, adhering to the details of a script often just gets in the way of things and detracts from the fun. If the role is really inside us, it comes out better by itself than if we force it. If someone has a role-play fantasy, then it's truly a part of them. As the sculpture responded when asked how he makes such lovely works of art out of stone, "The statue was already there, I just chiseled off the rock that surrounded it."

Role-play is fun. It's simply the same thing we did when we were children, so we know what to do. The only difference now is that that our characters have more adult orientated desires. We are entitled to be ourselves and pursue that which makes us happy, provided we have the consent of all those interacting with us and we are all adults. The only real issue is, can we let ourselves be like children and return to a mind that is not inhibited by the pressures and sophistication of the image we're supposed to carry as a mature adult? Judging from all of the complications, war, stress and other issues that cram the news hour each day, maybe what we need to do is to stop trying so hard to be real all of the time and put away a few hours to just make-believe. It certainly couldn't screw things up more than they already are, and maybe it's just what we need to get a different perspective on life.


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